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Fall Makin’ Mondays Recap: Mystery Build
Monday, November 3, 2014

On Makin’ Mondays this fall, teens participated in Mystery Build, a sculpture challenge. Teens selected a Mystery Build box and created a sculpture with only the materials in the box and based on a unique theme for that box. Teens chose whether to work on one-, two-, or three-week boxes. A one-week box could be completed in about one week and so on. In Mystery Build workshops, teens must work with only the materials in their box to execute an idea. The limited materials forced teens to be creative in how they executed his/her theme.

Materials inside one Mystery Build box.

Sam opening up his box!

Hosea working on his Mystery Build with the theme of “Life-changing or Dangerous Invention”

Though we had many awesome entries, Hosea was the overall winner, as voted by ARTLAB+ teens!

Dzhoy’s Mystery Build with the theme ”a famous logo”

Kaitlyn’s Mystery Build with the theme of ”Life in the Air/Life in the Sea”

Akilah’s Mystery Build with the theme of “Modern Monsters.” (It was only by chance that our papercraft dinosaur creator got a T-Rex in her Mystery Build box.)

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