Hirshhorn Plaza

Black Box: Hiraki Sawa
Still from Hiraki Sawa’s work. Courtesy of the artist.

November 1, 2005 to March 30, 2006
The Hirshhorn’s new black box space for film and video works on the lower level opens in November with the art of Hiraki Sawa. He began to develop a series of black-and-white digital video works set in his apartment while still a graduate student. This selection highlights five single-screen shorts: Dwelling, 2002-04; Elsewhere, 2003, Migration, 2003; Trail, 2005; and Eight Minutes, 2005. Sawa’s visual poetry includes tea pots that sprout legs and toy planes that magically fly from room to room. Runs continuously.

selected press

The Washington Post, March 2006
“Here and Now: ART” Blake Gopnik (PDF)