Hirshhorn Plaza

The central theme of this major exhibition was the proposition that content – a work of art’s meaning in broad social and cultural contexts – had emerged as a central issue of the preceding 10 years, challenging stylistic innovation as the chief impulse in contemporary art. Represented were 145 artists working in the US and abroad in a range of styles and media, including constructions, paintings, and photographs.

Among the artists were Vito Acconci, Terry Allen, Laurie Anderson, Alice Aycock, Joseph Beuys, Jonathan Borofsky, Peter Campus, Sandro Chia, Hanne Darboven, Eric Fischl, Gilbert and George, Nancy Holt, Edward and Nancy Reddin Kienholz, Komar and Melamid, Robert Longo, Robert Morris, Ree Morton, Nam June Paik, Mimmo Paladino, Ann and Patrick Poirier, Susan Rothenberg, Jim Sanborn, Julian Schnabel, Paul Thek, and Andy Warhol.