Hirshhorn Plaza

Scroll down to view images from Le Onde: Waves of Italian Influence, 1914–1971.

All works: Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

Giacomo Balla
Sculptural Construction of Noise and Speed, 1914–1915, reconstructed 1968

Lucio Fontana
Spatial Concept: Expectations, 1967

Lucio Fontana
Spatial Concept, 1967

Lucio Fontana
Spatial Concept, 1967

François Morellet
Wave Motion Thread, 1965

Horacio Garcia-Rossi
Vibration No. 2, 1962

Julio Le Parc
Determinism and Indeterminism, 1960–1963

Acceleration No. 18, Series B, 1962

Sérgio Camargo
Column, 1967–1968

Enrico Castellani
White Surface 2, 1962

Enrico Castellani
Blue Surface 5, 1964

Heinz Mack
Relief Stele: Lumen et Luxuria (Light and Lust), 1967

Giò Pomodoro
Opposition, 1968

Giovanni Anselmo
Invisible, 1971

Carlo Battaglia
Libra, 1969