Teens standing in front of wall that reads Hirshhorn The National Museum of Modern Art

Are you a teen creator or maker looking to build your skills? The Hirshhorn Museum offers creative arts programs for teens ages thirteen to nineteen. Since 2011, the Hirshhorn has given teens free access to the latest technology and artmaking materials with programming from working artists. 

I’m interested, but aren’t museums stuffy and boring?

We hear you, some museums are just too quiet. We assure you that  Hirshhorn Teen programs are loud, proud, and never boring. We believe that art museums are for everyone and that they should be active, creative spaces for teens. The Hirshhorn is all about the art and artists of our time, and that includes teen artists!

So, how can I get involved?

In February 2024, we’re introducing a teen workshop series inspired by the upcoming exhibition OSGEMEOS: Endless Story. Learn more about Teen Studio: Endless worlds.