For the past few years, celebrated video artist Rachel Rose has been at the forefront of new conversations around what video art can be. Addressing topics ranging from the American Revolutionary War to 17th century witchcraft and investigating cryogenics to exploring the sensory experience of being in space, Rose’s wide-ranging work probes the inherent nature of what it means to be human, now and across generations. The videos are created after in-depth research and placed in environments designed by the artist to create a fully immersive experience.

Rose’s celebrated work Lake Valley, a showstopping highlight of the 2017 Venice Biennale that explores the fears of adulthood through the visual language of children’s book illustrations, was the focus of an online solo exhibition with the Carnegie Museum of Art in Summer 2020.

Rose joins Hirshhorn curator-at-large Gianni Jetzer to discuss the research behind and development of her deeply moving and important work in video art.

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This event is also part of #HirshhornInsideOut, the Museum’s initiative to bring art into your home.


Image: Landon Nordenman