Hirshhorn Plaza

Lecture: Bob Nickas: 100 Paintings / 100 Years

Bob Nickas: 100 Paintings / 100 Years
Thursday, May 11
6:30 pm, Ring Auditorium

New York–based critic and curator Bob Nickas presents a selection of 100 paintings, one chosen for each year from 1915–2015. With some perverse choices and more than a few glaring omissions, Nickas has selected works in a personal, spontaneous, and intuitive way, engaging with the idea of art history as a game of cadavre exquis, to be played by one person who is always, in a sense, of two minds. Beginning with Russian Suprematist painter Kazimir Malevich and Dada conceptualist Marcel Duchamp, Nickas suggests that painting is, and perhaps has always been, an assisted readymade.