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Kim Schoenstadt, 'Sightline Series: La Jolla, Ca.,' 2012
Kim Schoenstadt, Sightline Series: La Jolla, Ca., 2012

Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Meet the Artist: Kim Schoenstadt

Kim Schoenstadt’s work plays with the intersection of architecture, sculpture, color, line, history, culture, and concepts. Her “mash-up drawings” allow her to defy the laws of gravity while incorporating architecture into site-specific installations that engage audiences throughout the construction process. Last year she was awarded a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship and began a research-based residency. The SARF program brings together Smithsonian scholars and distinguished visual artists to explore cross-disciplinary connections between science, history, art, and culture. As part of the fellowship she was given access not only to what is on view in the various Smithsonian museums’ galleries but also to the vast collections maintained behind the scenes, in archives and storage facilities. Schoenstadt will discuss her work and share what she researched as a fellow.

View the artist’s work on her website:  http://www.kimschoenstadt.com 

Right: Kim Schoenstadt. Photo: Sherin Guirguis. Courtesy of the artist