Our museum may be closed for the moment, but the power of art—to bring people together, to offer inspiration, to respond to history in real time, to spark curiosity, or simply to occupy yourself—remains.

That’s why we’re introducing #HirshhornInsideOut, a way for you to remain connected through artist- and curator-led insights and Hirshhorn-inspired hands-on art activities for adults and kids of all ages, all from your phone or computer. We’ll challenge ideas about what art can be with a focus on the ideas that artists have.

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Who better to bring art into your home than artists themselves? Every week, you’ll get an exclusive look inside the homes and studios—and in some cases, temporary home-studios—of artists who are, just like you, adjusting to new routines and ways of working. Together, these accounts will serve as a living archive of this moment and the ideas that persist.


Are you home with kids? Keep kids of all ages engaged with unique projects inspired by your favorite Hirshhorn artworks. New projects are released every week.

Art is everywhere, including home.

Join us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, where we’ll connect you to our curators who will help us tour the collection through keen insights and observations. We’ll also issue creative challenges that will invite you to sketch, mold, look closely, and maybe even discover your inner-artist, or that of your kids. Send pictures of your creations for us to share and visit us online to see how your neighbors around the globe respond.

Hirshhorn Inside Out


Flex those creative muscles! We’re issuing creative challenges that invite adults and kids alike to sketch, mold, look closely, and maybe even discover their inner artist. Use #HirshhornInsideOut to share your creations with us!


Get to know Hirshhorn artworks from the experts who love to talk about them. Our curators will help you tour the collection through keen insights and observations.

Lee Ufan hunting for stones on Long Island, NY, for use in Lee Ufan: Open Dimension. Photography by Oresti Tsonopoulos

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Our brand new videos will transport you to Pat Steir’s colorful studio, Lee Ufan’s rock quarries, and of course, the Hirshhorn’s own galleries. Find them on our YouTube and subscribe. We’ve also unlocked exclusive content from our traditionally in-gallery tool, Hirshhorn Eye, which brings Museum visitors face-to-face with artists.


Calling all teens, educators and creators! We’ve created a virtual space to experience ARTLAB’s programs at home. Jump into our weekly creative challenges, live workshops, fun discussions, and contests.

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Receive real-time instruction from ARTLAB artist educators and mainstream experts in photography, music, and 3D design.

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Call for Submissions

ARTLAB’s dishing out a biweekly art challenge based on a fun word prompt.

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Freestyle Challenge

Get ready to test your lyricism with ARTLAB’s biweekly music challenge.

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Sounds Like Home

Join ARTLAB for Sounds Like Home, an exclusive five-part virtual music making series.