Queen of Hearts


Willem de Kooning, American, b. Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1904–1997

Oil and charcoal on fiberboard, 46 1/8 x 27 5/8 in. (117 x 70 cm)

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, Gift of the Joseph H. Hirshhorn Foundation, 1966

Accession Number: 66.1223

The artist, New York, from 1943
Martha Jackson, New York, 1954-1962
Martha Jackson Gallery, New York, to 20 March 1962
Joseph H. Hirshhorn, New York, 20 March 1962-17 May 1966
Gift of the Joseph H. Hirshhorn Foundation, 1966
* An early, variant title for this painting was Pink Woman.
** Dated 1943-46 on an invoice from Martha Jackson Gallery, March 20, 1962.

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Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Collection, Abstract Expressionism (First Generation)

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