Stripes with Frank Stella - Hirshhorn Museum


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Stripes with Frank Stella - Hirshhorn Museum

"What you see is what you see." Throughout his career, American artist Frank Stella has tried to redefine pictorial space. He was an early practitioner of nonrepresentational painting and focused on color, shape and composition. "ITATA" is from his third print series at Gemini G.E.L. in 1968, experimenting with contrasting colors and geometric shapes. Though the names from this series of "V" lithographs are taken from historic ships, Stella has said for most of his work that there is no underlying message in the choice. CREATE: While Stella did not use tape to make this print, you can use it! No tape? Try drawing lines with a ruler and coloring. Give it a title. Check out other works by Stella on our website for more inspiration. Share your creations with #HirshhornInsideOut!


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21 sec