Hirshhorn/AM: No Access Washington, DC

No Access Washington, DC: The Capital’s Hidden Treasures, Haunts, and Forgotten Places tells a story of the nation’s capital through places in, near, under, over, or around the city—a collection of spaces that most people don’t see, can’t see, rarely see, don’t know how to see, or haven’t seen.

Join author Beth Kanter and photographer Emily Pearl Goodstein for a morning chat about how they took a journey beneath DC’s most iconic buildings, like the massive undercroft below the Lincoln Memorial, and discovered hidden-in-plain-sight wonders, such as the mini Washington Monument and a neighborhood home that is a thriving habitat for plastic dinosaurs. Don’t miss an opportunity to discover a side of the city not shown on postcards, but gaze-worthy all the same.

Dolcezza Coffee & Gelato opens at 8:45 am.