Gerhard Richter, 'Sanctuary,' 1988
Upcoming Event

Beyond Surrealist Sculpture

6:30 pm | Ring Auditorium
Ernesto Neto, The Dangerous Logic of Wooing, 2002

Space is limited and this free event is first-come, first-served.

Senior curator Valerie Fletcher joins scholars Martica Sawin (author of Surrealism in Exile and the Beginning of the New York School) and Dr. Laurie Wilson (author of Alberto Giacometti: Myth, Magic, and the Man) to examine the diverse ways in which new generations of sculptors have drawn inspiration from the ideas and practices of Surrealism. Starting with the themes presented in Marvelous Objects: Surrealist Sculpture from Paris to New York, the discussion will address the continuing use of biomorphic/organic abstraction in the works of Lee Bontecou and Ernesto Neto, as well as some of the many ways found objects have become a mainstay of contemporary art. A particular focus will be how Surrealist works laid the groundwork for American sculpture of the 1950s and 1960s.

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