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Film: Disturbing the Peace (2009)

Disturbing the Peace

Film: Disturbing the Peace (2009)
September 10, 2017
2 pm, Ring Auditorium

Shot on a handheld camera, the Ai Weiwei studio production Disturbing the Peace is a documentary discussing incidents during Tan Zuoren’s trial on August 12, 2009. A civil rights advocate who investigated the 2008 Sichuan earthquake that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of students, Zuoren was subsequently imprisoned.

This film is part of the Hirshhorn’s Ai Weiwei Selects Film Series featuring recent films from China’s New Documentary Film Movement. Using various techniques, these films tirelessly investigate social issues and the filmmakers’ relationship with established political order in China. Ai Weiwei Selects is curated by the artist and features recent and critically acclaimed documentaries, some of which are making their D.C. debut. The screenings are hailed as incisive glimpses into an emerging new wave of Chinese documentary filmmaking.

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