Hirshhorn Plaza

Mike Kelley, <em>I Am</em>, 1989. Private collection, Los Angeles” width=”500″ height=”338″ /><br />
Mike Kelley, <em>I Am</em>, 1989. Private collection, Los Angeles</p>
<p><strong>February 20 to May 19, 1991<br />
</strong>Organized by the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden</strong></p>
<p><strong>About the <em>Directions</em> Series</strong><br />
<em>Since its opening in 1974, the Hirshhorn has been committed to providing a platform for the artists of today. <em>Directions</em>, established in 1979 as a group installation and transformed in 1987 to highlight the work of a single artist or paired artists, has been a longstanding hallmark of the Museum’s exhibition program and partnership with living artists. Bringing a diverse range of emerging and established artists from around the world to Washington, the series provides a prominent space on the National Mall for new work and new ideas.</em></p>

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