Kenny Schachter

Screen capture of guest judge Kenny Schachter

Kenny Schachter has been curating contemporary art exhibitions in museums and galleries while teaching art history and economics for more than thirty years in Switzerland and the United States. Schachter has a column on and contributes to various international publications, including New York Magazine and The Times Magazine (UK). After making digital art for decades, Schachter has spearheaded the traditional art world’s adaptation of non-fungible tokens, lecturing at Yale, Cooper Union, Harvard Law School, Columbia University, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Hirshhorn Museum in 2020-2021. He curated NFTism exhibitions (a term he trademarked) at Nagel Draxler in Cologne, Institut in London. Schachter had a career retrospective at New York’s Rental Gallery, and solo shows at Nagel Draxler in Berlin and Kantor Gallery in LA. He is the subject of a documentary in production, directed by Chris Smith (Tiger King; Fyre Festival) and a Hulu/ABC NFT film. Schachter lives in New York.