Hirshhorn Plaza

Lunch Bytes: Thinking in Digital Terms

Program is free, please RSVP to rsvp@washington.goethe.org 

The encroachment of the digital upon numerous facets of our everyday lives has not only changed the way we relate to others, but also intimately affects how we view ourselves and engage with information. Does the dominance of digital media and culture in its various forms have an impact on how we think, how we tell stories, or how we solve problems? Do the innumerable digital (wireless) networks that permeate the spaces we inhabit constitute a kind of ‘technological unconscious’ that sets the parameters for our thoughts and behaviors? Is ‘thinking’ still something that solely belongs to the realm of the human, or do we share these capacities with the machines that surround us and structure our everyday movements? This Lunch Bytes event considers how digital technology affects our ways of thinking, and invites artists and scholars whose work has engaged with this theme to discuss their different perspectives and experiences.

Artist and expert panelists include:
Natalie Bookchin, Los Angeles-based artist
Kenneth Goldsmith, New York-based poet and conceptual artist
Trebor Scholz, scholar, artist, organizer and chair of the conference series The Politics of Digital Culture at The New School in New York
Greg Niemeyer, artist and Professor for New Media at the University of California, Berkeley